Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I took my Chicken to Walgreens.

On my last birthday, I bought 4 baby chickens. I bought them out of the backseat of some lady's car. They were only $2.50 each.

They were so cute; all fuzzy and yellow.
But I'll tell more chicken stories later, this one is about the time I took one of them to Walgreens.

One Saturday, it was take-a-picture-with-your-pet-day. For free..You have to understand I did not pay for this. So, we go home, I chase down a chicken and take him to Walgreens to get his picture made.

Here I am setting him on the backdrop. He was so good and didn't try to run!

When I first walked in the store, you can imagine the surprise of everyone there. The photogropher was especially excited, he said he never took a picture of a chicken before.

This is my favorite. The chicken is looking dead ahead.
And by this time, there was quite a crowd. Because, you see, this chicken is a rooster...and he crows...alot. Even in the middle of Walgreens, he did it twice to make sure everyone heard him.

Here's his close-up. He's so handsome! I was so proud.
Then on the way home, he pooped on me. It was great.
(Sorry for the picture quality, I'll get better)


Blanca said...

Cute blog. I'm glad you posted these pics, brought a smile to my face. too cute!!

Stefunkc said...

Crack me up!