Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I was born a Gardner

I absolutely love flowers.
I'm not big on large bouquets delivered to where I work. Then having to walk from the front desk thru the entire building back to my desk, carrying an embarassing (yet beautiful) display. I know it sounds ungrateful, but...I just don't like that kind of attention.
Anyhoo, every year I plant flowers and I'm getting better at keeping them alive.

Purple Wave Petunias
These are Purple Wave Petunias. They are my pride and joy this year! I bought 4 of these back in the spring at Lowes. The other ones didn't do so well, but this one.....well, you can see for yourself. (You can see my flat leaf parsley on the left, too.)

These are my Dahlias. The flowers are so pretty and I like the shape of the leaves. The stems are hollow and are not very strong. Wind and the weight of the plant has caused it to snap in a few places. (Note the barbwire in the background!)

PhotobucketI bought these for the color. It has generated these great red flowers all summer long.


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